Thirst For Seasoned Seeds

Starring Kylie Rocket

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Thirst For Seasoned Seeds – VR Porn hottie Kylie Rocket has always found herself attracted to older men who have established careers, luxurious cars, and fancy suits.

Growing up, she was sheltered by her parents, rarely venturing out on weekends, and keeping to herself. However, she is now looking forward to going away to college where she can finally let loose and have some fun without her parents monitoring her every move.

One weekend night, Kylie’s parents are hosting a get-together and one of her dad’s friends catches her eye. She notices that you are much friendlier than her parent’s other friends and fits the description of the type of older man she has been dreaming about.

Feeling that tonight is the night to test the waters, Kylie Rocket puts on her low-cut booty shorts and crop top and as you approach to greet her, she puts her hands up the back of your shirt and invites you to her room in this 8K VR Porn!

As Kylie Rocket pulls you into her room, she closes the door and pushes you against it. With determined passion in her eyes, she throws herself at you – putting your hands on her VR tits while grabbing your bulge and kissing you enthusiastically. She tells you she wants you to bust a load in her so she can always remember her first time with an older man…


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