This is how to properly view 200 degree FOV shot fisheye videos…

fisheye 200 fov guide

If you have a problem viewing 200 degree FOV VR porn shot (usualy shot by SLR Originals), you may view it wrong. Here is a guide made by g2kbuffetboy on reddit:

Firstly, let me just say, I’m not affiliated with SLR. I’m not here to defend them or anything. But I’ve brought this up in a few places and it turns out that most folks are not viewing fisheye properly. I was actually viewing it incorrectly too for quite some time. Which is why I want to make a PSA about it. So please, read through this, and try viewing it this way.

The main guideline here is… DO NOT TOGGLE ON THE FISHEYE MODE in DeoVR, Skybox, or Pigasus. I know this sounds 100% counter-intuitive, but this toggle is meant to be a generic way to watch fisheye videos (like the ones on YouTube etc) in these VR players. It “works” and you may think it is working because you see some improvement to the shape, but it’s not optimized. It is similar to using a TV picture setting like “zoom-to-fit” when something does not fill up your television screen. It’s basically a quick way to watch fisheye. However, it is not the CORRECT way.

The CORRECT way is this…

For people who download videos:

  1. Keep the “_MKX200_” (or “_VCA220_” if that applies) in the filename. This is 100% necessary. This text in the filename is recognized as a “mesh” by DeoVR and SLRApp. The VR player will add the “mesh” (think of it as a preset) that automatically shapes the fisheye video precisely how it should look like in your headset. You will know you are doing this correctly because the black borders in your VR headset on left/right/bottom/top are all a straight line (instead of the top turning into a triangle shape of a cone). You will also see the horizontal FOV extend past 180 degrees. It will wrap around your FOV more, which is really awesome. It’s very immersive, and makes it so during ultra-close sections of lean-in cowgirl, or scenes with more than one woman, you can see everything happening around you and slightly past your face. Before fisheye, most videos would have a very front-facing experience. The extra wrap-around FOV improves on this.
  2. If you use DLNA via Plex to watch your downloaded videos, make sure to add “_LR_” in the filename. So in this case, it would be “_MKX200_LR_”.
  3. This “_MKX200_” mesh only works in DeoVR and SLRApp. So if you use Pigasus or Skybox, then you cannot view fisheye properly until they adopt these mesh presets.
  4. And to reiterate, with all of these steps, DO NOT TOGGLE ON THE FISHEYE MODE.

For people who stream videos off SLR’s website in DeoVR or the SLRApp, the toggle for fisheye mode is not even in the player settings, so you don’t have to do anything. Just stream and watch with DeoVR or SLRApp and the MKX200 mesh will be applied automatically. But again, if you are using a different VR player like Pigasus or Skybox, then you will not see the fisheye properly until they support the MKX200 mesh.

If you do all these things correctly, the shape and scaling of the image is pretty spot on. Yes, there is still some minor distortion, but in non-fisheye videos there is also distortion. And with fisheye you get a bunch of extra FOV which (in my personal opinion) is a total game-changer if you own a higher-FOV headset like the Pimax or Index.

Anyways, I know this does not solve the issue for people that prefer to use other VR players outside of Deo/SLR, but since this content is shot by the SLROriginals crew, it also makes sense why they would want people to migrate over to their app.

Hope this helps some!

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