Cosmic Pleasure

Starring Penelope Kay

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Cosmic Pleasure – VR Pornstar Penelope Kay and her husband are just waking up in the morning. As the morning sun gently peeked through the curtains, casting soft rays of light upon the room, you stirred from your slumber. Opening your eyes, a sense of warmth and contentment washes over you. With a smile, you intertwine your fingers, relishing the intimacy of your connection. Lying side by side, your bodies still tangled in the sheets, you exchange tender kisses, your lips meeting with a delicate dance of passion and love.

Penelope Kay has some good news for you this morning and she cannot wait to tell you – she is ready to start a family with you! She loves the life you have built together and knows how good of a dad you will be. Penelope Kay also cannot wait for you to be able to cum inside of her all the time.

Good thing she loves creampies as much as you do! You flash her a smile and decide to get right down to business in this 8K VR Porn! Reveling in the comfort of each other’s embrace, your bodies molded together in perfect harmony. You press your lips against Penelope Kay’s neck and a shiver of desire courses through her veins.

She arches her back, inviting you to explore the curves and contours of her VR body. As you press forward your cock emerges hungry for Penelope Kay’s warm VR pussy. The anticipation of filling her with your cum has your cock extra hard today. Time to dive in headfirst…



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