Happy Wife Sucks You Right

Starring Sera Ryder

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Happy Wife Sucks You Right – You and VR Porn cutie Sera Ryder are newly married.

She loves cooking and even more so surprising you with her favorite breakfast dishes in bed on weekend mornings when you are both home.

Cooking has always been one of Sera Ryder’s favorite ways of showing you how much she cares. This morning she prepares breakfast and brings it up to your bedroom on a tray wearing only lingerie.

After setting the breakfast on the bed Sera Ryder wakes you up with a blowjob. Once awake she feeds you a few bites and tells you how sexy you are and how horny it makes her to cook and take care of you.

Now that Sera Ryder has gotten your undivided attention, she sets the tray aside. Breakfast can wait because she wants to feed you some dessert first in this 8K VR Porn!

Sera Ryder climbs aboard your waiting cock and rides her way to a leg-quivering orgasm. She is not through with you yet though and demands that you bend her over and pound her VR pussy into submission! As you make her VR body sing with pleasure, Sera Ryder begs you to cum and put a baby inside her.


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