Breed Me

Starring Athena Fleurs

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Breed Me – Athena Fleurs VR is recently married to an impossibly rich man. She really thought she hit the jackpot with this one. He is a gold digger’s dream. All the money she could want, he is almost never home, plus his job is just dangerous enough that she could end up a young, hot widow with more money than she knows what to do with.

However, her husband made her sign a prenuptial agreement that included a pregnancy clause. She must give birth to a child or she will receive nothing. Wanting to make sure she is not left out in the cold, she has been trying constantly. No matter how often they make love and no matter what she tries, she just can’t get pregnant. When her doctor comes by for her monthly check-up, Athena decides that it is time for desperate measures.

If her husband can’t get the job done, perhaps her handsome young doctor is up to the challenge. He objects of course, not wanting to be fired by his patient’s powerful husband. Professional or not, Athena is a beautiful woman and when she gets on her knees to beg for his seed, he can’t help but get hard. She quickly grabs his meat and gets it wet in her mouth. Bending over, she invites him into her from behind.

Suddenly this idea doesn’t seem so bad. He doesn’t know how they are going to fake the DNA tests, but he pumps his dick into her pussy and can’t wait to flood her with his seed. She gets on top and grinds her hips, jerking his dick with her body acting like a VR porn model and begging him to give her the baby she needs. He fills her up and hopes it doesn’t work the first time so he can fuck her again.



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