Huge Personality

Starring Octavia Red

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Huge Personality – Your wife VR Pornstar Octavia Red has noticed that you have been putting in a lot of overtime at work recently. You are always so kind to her and never seem to be stressed out but at the same time, she thinks all those long hours must be taking a toll on you. When you get home from work today, she has a treat in store for you. Octavia Red has been taking some massage classes and wants to put her new skills to good use.

It is not as much about the comfort of the massage that she knows you will enjoy but rather the love, intimacy, and comfort that she can give you. As you arrive home you see the massage table set up and Octavia Red standing there waiting for you in her sexiest lingerie. She welcomes you home with a sultry smile and motions for you to come closer. Octavia Red pulls you into her VR body and whispers in your ear for you to get undressed and get comfortable on the table.

With renewed vigor, you excitedly tear your clothes off and hop on the table as Octavia Red goes to get some massage oil. When Octavia Red returns she begins to massage oil into your skin as she worships your body and tells you how she feels about you and all that you do. As you relax more, your blood starts flowing down south, and she can see a bulge forming under the towel.

Octavia Red turns her attention towards your cock, intent on sliding it into her wet VR pussy. As you pound her into submission, Octavia Red moans that she wants your milky cum all over her VR tits. Time to ice her two huge cupcakes…



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