Set Up Your Oculus Quest’s 2 Privacy Settings for VRPorn

Oculus_Quest 2 privacy settings

The guys at VRBangers released a really good article about how to Set Up Your Oculus Quest’s 2 Privacy Settings for VRPorn. It’s worth a read.

We realize that when watching VR porn movies privacy is one of the most important things – and we promise you that everything that happens on behalf of never leaves our little website and you can rest assured that we pay a lot of attention to this matter. Unfortunately, though, we do not have complete power over your personal data’s privacy, and sometimes some external software or hardware might be invading it a little bit – just like Oculus Quest’s integration with Facebook that somewhat is a mandatory feature. Worry not, though, as today we are going to tell you something about these settings – and how to turn them off – to make sure that you can always feel safe and enjoy your favorite virtual reality porn scenes in the privacy of your favorite chair and when safely making your deepest hidden sexual dreams cum true with our super-hot VR porn stars.

Just like mentioned above, Oculus Quest 2 is the first Facebook headset to require a Facebook account. It is the culmination of a trend of deeper integration between Oculus products and Facebook services – that might come in handy when enjoying some social games or experiencing social VR places, but indeed might be a problem for immersion of VR porn movies. Having that all in mind you need to agree that it is worth knowing what privacy settings are offered to you and what data Facebook collects on your VR usage – and below you can find an overview of all that and Oculus Quest’s 2 Privacy Settings for VRPorn.

Oculus Quest 2 Privacy Settings – Where to Find Them?

Oculus_Quest 2 privacy settings


Even though there is not a lot of customization of privacy settings available right now, at least Facebook makes it easy to change – which is rather fortunate for VR porn videos. In fact, you can do it right now from your web browser by checking out the Oculus Privacy Center and then scrolling down to Privacy Settings. According to Facebook’s official website, here’s what you can control and what each option does:

Who will see your activity on Oculus?

This controls how your current activity in VR is displayed on your profile (like which app you’re using). If you don’t want anyone to know what you’re currently up to in VR, change this to ‘Only Me’.

Who can see your friends list on Oculus?

This controls who can see the people your VR friends are through your Oculus profile. If you don’t want anyone to see who your VR friends are, change this to ‘Only Me’.

Who will see your Facebook name on Oculus?

This controls which name people will see associated with your Oculus profile. Depending upon your setting, people may see your Oculus username or the first and last name of your Facebook profile. This also controls whether or not people can search for your Oculus profile by your Facebook name. If you don’t want anyone to see your real name in VR or be able to find your Oculus profile with your real name, change this to ‘Only Me’.

There is additionally one extra important setting that you can change – whether or not Facebook stores recordings of your voice captured by the feature allowing you to steer the VR headset via voice commands. By default, any time you use these voice commands, a voice recording of the command will be stored for Facebook’s servers – which sounds extremely alarming and could trigger a lot of “funny” situations while watching VR porn scenes, and we are more than happy that it is so easy to turn this off. This option, though, can be disabled only from within your VR goggles themselves – by following these instructions:

  1. In your headset, bring up the Quest menu by pressing the Oculus button on your right controller.
  2. Find the Settings section (gear icon).
  3. On the left of the Settings section select “Device”.
  4. In the Device menu, select “Voice Commands”.
  5. In the Voice Commands menu, switch off the “Store Voice Commands” option.

Data Collected by Facebook Already During the VR Usage – How to Check Them?


According to Facebook, the company stores what you do in VR for various purposes – including basic account functionality (like knowing which games you have purchased and you are playing), and because of the advertising reasons (like showing you an ad in feed for Oculus games you recently searched for in your headset) – what about VR porn movies, though? Most of us would not like any recommendations in connection with our favorite kinks and sexual fantasies watched in virtual reality porn to be shown on our Facebook wall, right? That is why it can sometimes get in handy to find out what exactly the company collects about you via the VR headset to, if needed, react in time.

Below you can see a fairly comprehensive list of the data associated with your Oculus account by accessing the View Your Information section of the Oculus Privacy Center. Here is the overview of what is shown there, with the list of the most important data that may concern your way of enjoying VR porn scenes:

  1. — Profile Information
    1. Real name
    2. First name
    3. Last name
    4. Username
    5. Email address
    6. Profile photo
    7. Avatar 2D image
  2. — Other Information About You
    1. Current and past profile photos
    2. Language selection
  3. — Information About Your Account
    1. Account creation time
    2. Account creation source
    3. Account status
  4. — Your Apps and Content
    1. Apps you own
    2. Recently viewed apps
    3. Bundles you own
    4. In-app entitlements
    5. Achievements
    6. Subscribed events
    7. Named rooms
    8. Cloud saves
    9. Chat threads
  5. — Your Ratings and Reviews
  6. — Information About Your Devices
    1. Which Oculus devices are registered with your account
    2. Associated devices (names of computers or phones used with Oculus headsets)
    3. Online status history
    4. Oculus Home status
    5. Device sharing
    6. Users you are sharing with
  7. — Your Settings and Preferences
    1. Who can see your real name (setting)
    2. Who can search for you by your real name (setting)
    3. Who can see your friends list (setting)
    4. Who can see your activity (setting)
    5. Notification preferences
    6. Email subscriptions
    7. Interests (based on Oculus Explore Feed)
    8. Allow Non-Oculus apps (setting)
    9. Incognito mode (setting)
    10. App activity privacy
  8. — Friends
  9. — Security and Login Information
    1. Login history
    2. Active sessions
    3. Location history
  10. — Rift Home Information
    1. Last login
    2. Total homes
    3. Active homes
    4. Item uploads
    5. Place uploads
    6. Unlocked home items
  11. — Your Voice Activities

All the data listed above concerns information that Facebook captures about your VR use, but if you are using Quest 2, your VR usage data is associated with the Facebook account that you are using during your non-VR activity – and that is what makes it all a problem in connection with VR porn videos. Having that in mind you should seriously pay closer attention to everything that Facebook is collecting about you and double-check whether you are fine with all of that – or not. If you are watching a lot of VR porn movies on the same device your family is using for non-erotic activities… then you might have a problem that needs you to react. Oh, and remember that you can find the data Facebook has collected on your non-VR activities by visiting the Access Your Information page on Facebook.

The Conclusion

Even though Oculus Quest 2 is an amazing VR headset, it indeed might not be the best option for VR porn movies – because of the reasons listed above. If you are using the VR  goggles for VR porn scenes only, then you probably do not need to worry about anything – but if you are sharing the device with the members of your family… please read the abovementioned list really carefully and apply Oculus Quest’s 2 Privacy Settings for VRPorn. If you want to dig in deeper to understand what Facebook legally says about its collection and usage of your data, here are the key documents that lay out the company’s position: Facebook Data Policy and Supplemental Oculus Data Policy.

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