I’m Your Barbie, You Are My Ken

Starring Ellie Shou

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I’m Your Barbie, You Are My Ken – Ellie Shou VR has loved Barbie for as long as she can remember. Over the years she has collected hundreds of collectible items and even at nineteen, her room and most of her wardrobe are pink like her favorite pop culture icon. Since her mother remarried, her new stepfather has spoiled her with some very expensive new additions to her collection.

She has also noticed you looking at her in a way that would make her mother very jealous. It turns her on to see you struggle to maintain a proper relationship and not stare at her body whenever you are in her room. She decides that she is going to finally give you what you have secretly been craving. When her mom is out of town, she gets dressed up in a pretty pink Barbie dress and calls you into her bedroom.

As soon as you walk through the door, you can see that she isn’t wearing any panties. You know you should leave, but she can see you staring and know she has you right where she wants you. Unable to resist, you take out your cock and shock Ellie with the size. It is easily the biggest she has ever seen and throbbing hard just for her. While sucking it, she wonders if it is going to fit in her tight pussy.

You don’t make her wait too long to find out. You bend your slutty VR porn Barbie doll over and fuck her from behind. Then you shock her with something she wasn’t expecting. You put your cock into her ass and push in deep. She has never had anal sex, but your dick opens her right up and takes to new heights of pleasure.

It feels so good that she is begging to cum when you put it back into her pussy. She rides hard and doesn’t even notice as you shoot your big load into her. Daddy has a new Barbie and Barbie has a new favorite hole to get fucked in.



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