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Meet The First VR Pornstar Ever, Who Is Also A Co-Founder Of VRTube.xxx

Who Is Ela Darling And Where Does She Come From?

Meet The First VR Pornstar Ever – The name that you see in the heading is the name of the first VR pornstar. Ever! There are many hottest pornstars in virtual reality movies but this is the very first person who did VR porn. Before Ela Darling, no one did it! No one even knew what it was. But then again, it did not even exist! We will start with this article by telling you something about her in general. Who is this girl? How old is she? What is her zodiac sign? Why did she start doing porn? Well, this last one only if we can dig it. So, let’s start with her birthday and birthplace, and we will see what we can find next.

KinkVR - The Astonishing Ela Darling
KinkVR – The Astonishing Ela Darling

Darling was born in Texas, on July 23, 1986. That makes her 35 now. It also makes her a Leo, if you want to know her zodiac sign. She is actually an educated woman, and before porn work, she was a librarian. Unfortunately, the internet does not have much info on this woman. Maybe you will find a sentence or two on various sites. However, she does deserve to be more famous! She definitely deserves more followers and fans because she is the one who did VR porn before all the sluts we love today. She is an adult actress and entrepreneur. Maybe she does not focus much on doing porn, but she is very hard-working and she is significant in the VR porn world.

She often appears in magazines and talks about her first VR porn experience. It all started in 2014 when she wanted to record an erotic scene, and she used VR equipment. Back then, VR porn was not a thing, especially not as popular as in 2022. We did not have all these VR porn sites we have today. It was something completely new and weird. You know how today you find a VR porn site with just one click? Well, back then, it was much less affordable and there were no actresses who would agree to do it easily. Ela started doing porn in 2009 when she was only 23, and 5 years later, she made VR porn a thing! That is jaw-dropping. Here is something juicy – she has some other monikers, such as Adela Anaconda.

What Does Ela Darling Look Like And What Does She Like?

Ela Darling is a blonde, but more precisely, her hair is dirty blond. Sometimes it is reddish, which depends on the lighting. She is 173 tall, and very slim, so she would make a perfect model! She has an Instagram and Twitter, and you will find her usernames easily if you just Google her name. We were more interested in her Insta profile because we wanted to see what she looked like. Right off the bat, you will notice, if you go to her Insta profile, that she has a cool, sexy VR profile pic! Even on her Insta, she promotes VR porn, which is amazing. Knowing that she did it first probably makes her very proud of the VR porn industry.

Instagram - Profile Image - @eladarling
Instagram – Profile Image – @eladarling

She calls herself VR Stream Queen, which is another very cool detail! She is also a TEDx speaker as if she weren’t impressive enough! An ex-librarian, this Slytherin-loving hottie says she is chaotic good! Is she? She is definitely charismatic and remarkable. Seeing her Insta profile made us want to investigate further. What else can we see about Ela? She only has 33k followers. We know that many pornstars have millions of fans that follow them on social media. Why is she not more popular? We can even see she has a rich porn filmography. But maybe she is not as commercial as some other starlets nowadays are. She is natural, and she is multi-talented, and that is what we see.

Ela has a hot body! On her Insta, you will see some nudity. She gives us minimal nudity, probably because Insta is not a fan of risqué content. But we can see she is sexually open and likes to pose naked. She seems very confident and a bit quirky. If you do not see her nude, at least you have a lot of lingerie photos on her page. It does not take long to conclude that Ela was born to be an adult actress, considering she is such a natural at getting naked and creating content. And now, let’s see what she has done in the biz so far!

Ela Darling And The Porn World

Ela has done a lot in the porn world! She has such an impressive resume that you will be amazed. Some of her porn flicks are Access Restricted: No Boys, Lesbian, Stepmother, Mermaids and Unicorns, Ms. Grey, and this is just the tip of the iceberg! She has starred in many scenes and series, and she is very experienced. Maybe she does not film hundreds of scenes annually, but that is because she is also focused on her entrepreneurial career. If you want to read more about her achievements, this – LINK – should help! You have a lot of cool facts about Ela here, like the one that she is a feminist and she co-founded VrTube.xxx. She explains how it all started for her here, and that was by watching asteroids. She also tried webcam modeling, did you know it?


You will also find Ela on OnlyFans! Expect a juicy profile because this girl knows how to serve risqué content to her fans! So far, she has shared over 1600 posts with us on this platform. She has almost 300 clips and over a thousand images, and you do not even know which ones are the hottest! But do you know what is the best part? Subscription is free! While most sex workers charge dozens of bucks monthly, Ela is very modest here. You can enjoy all her content, and you do not even have to pay for it. However, as a fan, you will probably feel like donating.

Ela also has a YouTube channel, where she posts even more personal stuff and you can get to know her even better. OnlyFans is for porn addicts, but this account is for those who want to know her better platonically. She has a dozen of videos only, and the last video is from 5 years ago. Unfortunately, she is not very active on YT, but at least you can get a piece of her personal life. She discusses various topics and they may seem random because they have nothing to do with her porn work and VR porn work. Still, you can see what she looked like and liked 12 years ago, which is dope!

Ela On PornHub And Other Famous Tubes

We also wanted to see her rankings and videos on PornHub and maybe some other tubes. She is ranked 3664th on PH, which means she is not one of the top starlets in 2022. But she does have many videos and comments, and people seem to love her! She has a plethora of lesbian scenes, even lesbian threesomes, which is awesome. We are not sure about her sexuality, but we think she is bi. At this moment, her videos have 16,226,276 total and she has over 11k followers. We think she deserves more, but maybe she does have more on other sex tubes. But having over 16m views is a lot, especially for someone who is not dedicated only to porn work.

Ela Darling

On xHamster, Ela has impressive ratings! Some of her videos are 100% liked by the site users. There are also many videos of this porn diva on this tube. We checked out Ela on more platforms, and she was always one of the top-rated stars! What is interesting about Ela is how, unlike most pornstars, when you type her name on Google, you will not see URLs of porn sites. You will see her magazine interviews, her OnlyFans, and even her YouTube channel, but porn is not the main focus. You even have her content and posts on Reddit, and she has more followers than on Insta.

Everything about Ela is wow! If you want to watch her VR scenes, she has plenty of those on various VR porn sites too! She works for great studios, such as Kink VR. So, we know she never says no to kinky stuff as well. If you want to see her kinky, you can go to VRSmash because you have her delicious VR porn there. And if you want something non-VR, she also filmed many regular scenes. We are definitely fans of Ela Darling, and we like her talents and hard work. She may not have a big booty and big tits, but she does have a beautiful face and an even more enchanting personality! She is a gem in the porn world, so check out her videos when you feel horny next time! She will make you feel good!