Homeschooling Preferred

Starring Octavia Red

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Homeschooling Preferred – VR Pornstar Octavia Red just returned home from college to visit her stepdad.

After freshening up after her long drive home, she makes some tea and sits down to catch up with you.

As you talk, the memories come flooding back. Octavia Red admits she is pleasantly surprised that you have maintained your rugged good looks.

The boys at college cannot hold her attention the way you do. Octavia Red tells you she has a surprise for you and to wait for her upstairs. Octavia Red walks into your room to find you relaxing in your favorite chair waiting for her.

You smile seductively and beckon her closer, allowing her to run her hands all over your body. She begins kissing you and then crawls onto the bed – ready to strip down to her birthday suit and rock your world in this 8K VR Porn! While laying at the end of the bed, Octavia Red pulls you close and attacks your cock.

Her VR lips elicit pleasure you have not experienced in years. You spend the night engaged in passionate sex, experiencing multiple orgasms, and pushing each other to new heights of pleasure.

Octavia Red has awoken a beast within you, a beast that is hungry for her tender VR pussy again and again. Sleep never crosses your mind, only the sweet sensation of plunging your cock deep inside of her and filling her VR pussy to the brim with your man juice.



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