Groupie Cutie

Starring Marilyn Johnson

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Groupie Cutie – There are many benefits to being in a rock band.

There are always plenty of women wanting to fuck your brains out for example.

VR Porn cutie Marilyn Johnson has been following you all over the country for weeks – and as luck would have it, she has found her way backstage and inside your dressing room. You are her favorite band member and she is overcome with excitement when she meets you.

Marilyn Johnson has dreamed of this moment for some time and will not let this opportunity go to waste. She wore a revealing outfit that she knew would get your undivided attention. Her PHAT ass is bursting out of her short skirt. It looks so juicy you just want to take a bite out of it in this 8K VR Porn! Now that you have had a good look, how about a feel?

Marilyn Johnson makes her way over to your lap and teases you a bit. She gives you an eyeful of her delicious VR tits before whipping out your cock and devouring it whole!

Her lips feel divine as they wrap snuggly around your cock. Marilyn Johnson knows how to please a man – she has obviously had a lot of practice.

As she bends over and pulls down her thong you can feel the warmth pouring out from her VR pussy. Your hard cock standing at attention just dying to penetrate her.

Marilyn Johnson spreads her pussy lips and eases into you. As you sink deeper, you lay your head back and close your eyes. Man, you love groupies…


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