How to convert a VR Video from Male POV to Female POV

how to convert male pov to female pov

This technique was posted by rookan on reddit and shows you how to convert a regular Male POV (point of view) VR Porn video to the Female POV or the other way around. You can convert a Female POV video to Male POV.

This technique works best with “Riding Cowgirl” positions like in the examples below

First, you need to find videos where a guy (you) is laying on the bed and a girl rides him. Then you will be able to rotate/flip a video so YOU will be the girl, achieving Female POV.

Here are a few links to Riding Cowgirl videos:

Below you will find the settings for 2 VR Movie player, that shows you how to do it – Moon VR Player and SLR.

Moon VR Player

This player plays local video files. Just open any video file, then specify its general settings (using two icons at the bottom left corner of player). Usually they are: 180 degrees and split vertical screen.

Then, skip a video to a second/frame where a girl is riding a guy and pause it. Now we will convert video to Female POV!

Click on Settings icon at the bottom right corner (4 small rectangles icon). There you will need to change 2 settings:

  1.  Screen -> Rotation (click 2 times until screen flips vertically)
  2.  VR Settings -> Swap slides

Then look at the real physical ceiling (where black space will be in VR) and click laser pointer at this black space. You will see that screen was tilted there.

That’s how you tilt a screen in Moon VR Player.

But what you need to do instead – you need to look at the bottom (where real physical floor is located), point a laser pointer at your stomach and click, trying to tilt scene as much as possible. I find that the easiest way for me to readjust a scene is just to take off my VR headset, rotate it 180 degrees downwards and then click a laser pointer, pointing at my stomach. Then when I put on headset again – the scene will be perfectly rotated 🙂

Basically, you need to re-center the video so when you look straight ahead – you will see a black screen, but when you look down – you will see your virtual female body.

SLR app

You can also convert videos to Female POV in SLR app as well (they are using DeoVR player under the hood). There you need to start playing any video (even preview video) and click on Settings icon. Then toggle “Vertical Flip” switch button and also drag Tilt slider to the right. Unfortunately Tilt in DeoVR is only limited to 90 degrees so you won’t be able to sync a virtual body with yours…

However, word from the SLR team is that they are increasing the Tilt to 180 degrees, and trying to add the custom function rookan suggested. So instead of going trough many motions you can just press a button and you have the video rotated to Female POV.

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