Creating VR Videos Tips


SLR recently created a post with some amazing tips and tricks to follow when creating vr videos in 180 or 360.

If you ever wondering what gear is used to create your favorite vr porn movies, they mention using using Rib-cage GoPro6 stereo camera rigs with 220º Entaniya lenses and a gimbal. Also usable are the ready manufactured Z CAM K1 Pro, which is still better to master in Mistika.

Mastering is done with Mistika Ultima, which is integral suite for Mistika VR. This software provides you perfect alignments. They’re plenty tutorials online like  SLR also provides mastering service if you need it.

There’s are some basic rules:

  1. There should be no pixels cut out of raw footage, so you preserve camera’s resolution to the fullest extent. If cameras are in landscape position we recover that part of the image covered with a lens of nearby camera with the respected image of that camera.
  2. Videos should be perfectly aligned. There should be absolutely no vertical miss-alignment, meaning all the objects should perfectly fit vertically. Horizontal alignment is set with focal plane first. At the first image you can see focal plane is set on staircase. That’s how it looks like: mistika vr adult porn example (focal plane is set on staircase),Sample 2
  3. Make sure to set focal plane in respect to the object of the most interest for each episode. Put it between both extremes, never on the extreme – like putting it on back wall would mean that if a girl is very close she would be hard for your eyes to adjust. It should be right behind the girl, if you set it on the wall you will lose a lot of stereo depth. That way viewers eyes naturally see that object at best. People never realize that, but it has significant impact on viewing comfort. This is very important. Each camera rig requires its own setup for alignments.
  4. Make sure big items like fridge, walls or shelves that are supposed to be straight are also straight in VR and of realistic scale
  5. Don’t make big CGI elements like logos and don’t put it on edges, but rather top or bottom. We do it in a few ways: Variant 1 – StasyQ, Variant 2 – SexBabesVR
  6. It’s best to set proper light on the set. In post we base colors on natural skin tones. Up red, down blue.
  7. We interpolate older 30FPS material to 60FPS with server FFMPEG (contact me for settings). Mistika did not provide the best results for interpolation.

You can also check VR video fundamentals explained.

Next week SLR will be unrolling 5K/6K streaming on Oculus Go and Snapdragon phones in SLR app for 360 videos. 180 is coming later.

If you like to see the netflix of VR Porn get SLR Premium with 2,000 videos and 30 monthly releases.

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