SLR app for Oculus Quest and Go [Windows]

  1. Open Oculus app on your phone and set up your Oculus Go or Quest as normal
  2. Go to Oculus Settings on your phone > Tap your headset which is shown in Settings > More settings > Developer mode > Create developer account (Sign in on Oculus website if you are not already)
  3. Once your account is created go back to the Oculus app and turn Developer Mode on
  4. Plug your Oculus Go/Quest into a Windows computer via USB
  5. Download the SLR App for Oculus Go or for Oculus Quest .
  6. Extract all the files on your computer
  7. Windows 7 users need to install the ADB drivers first (Windows 8 & 10 users can skip to Step 8):
    a. Go to the “SLROculusGo” folder
    b. Open the “Drivers” folder
    c. Right click on “android_winusb.inf” and select “Install”
  8. Go to the “SLROculusGo” folder and run “Install.bat”
  9. When the installation begins, make sure your Oculus Go headset has allowed USB debugging inside it. It may ask you to grant access twice.
  10. Unplug your Oculus Go
  11. In your Oculus Go open the Library and go to “Unknown sources”
  12. Find the “SLR Go” application (com.slr.oculus.go) and launch it. (You can find it on the last page.)

Updating our app: Download newest SLR App, unpack all the content and simply run the Uninstall.bat with OculusGo connected to your computer. After uninstalling run the Install.bat. Don’t forget to allow debugging mode in Oculus Go when prompted.

If you have a Mac instead of a Windows computer you can follow the walkthrough for Mac Users.

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