Wrong Order

Starring Karollayne Arruda

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Wrong Order – Ding, dong… The doorbell sounds and Karollayne Arruda opens the door.

It is the deliveryman who hands her a package with some order she made.

She leaves it unopen on the table, but suddenly it starts to vibrate. She doesn’t know what to do… because it is not possible that the book she ordered is making that sound. So, calls a friend to ask what she can do. At the end, she opens the box carefully and she finds… a dildo!

At first, she likes the feeling in her hand. Then, she starts to play with it, going down every part of her body. She passes it over her boobs, surprising herself because the touch on her nipples makes her wanting more. She masturbates while she passes it between her boobs and nipples.

After that, she wants to have the full experience: she introduces it in her ass in a doggy position, she also does it lying on the couch while she touches her penis with hard moves, and she does the same lying on her right side while she touches her balls. She introduces the vibrator more and more inside of her until she cums.

When the doorbell rings again and the deliveryman hands her the right package, she simply lies and tells him that she already gave the other package back … because one thing is true, she is going to use it again.


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