My friend’s secret

Starring Barbara Pires, Leticia Moraes, Liu Gang & Tony Lee

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My friend’s secret – You are with your partner Leticia Moraes in your home, waiting for a friend of your girlfriend to arrive. She is very sexy wearing her new and pink dress which shows her curves.

Suddenly, the doorbell rings and Liu Gang and her stunning girlfriend Barbara Pires comes in. They sit, but before you can’t help but seeing the amazing body of Barbara. While you are having a glass of wine, Barbara confesses her secret to her friend Leticia: she likes you very much!

From there, the rest jump on the bandwagon. The two girls kneel and take off your trousers to see your hard dick and to give you a blowjob, taking turns and doing it at the same time (one licking your dick and the other one your balls) while the other guy jerks off.

The foursome goes on with a change of partners: Leticia gives Liu a blowjob and Barbara sits on top of you in reverse cowgirl to fuck you. Then the girls exchange positions and both have sex with you and Liu. It’s very horny to fuck face to face in cowgirl with Leticia and seeing at the same time how the butt of Barbara jumps because of the sex with her partner.

The positions will continue: you fuck Barbara while you see how Liu sticks his dick in Leticia’s ass in doggy-style, you have sex with Leticia, grabbing her hips in doggy position while Barbara and Liu do the missionary… and more and more until all of you come!


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