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VR Sex and Dating – Getting the Most Out of It!

A new way to connect, which is a big hit!

If you follow the trends of the porn industry, you know that the majority of smut websites nowadays offer VR category as well. VR porn is a big thing in 2021, and it has been huge and popular ever since it was invented. People like VR porn because it is more immersive than anything else that the industry offers – you have that POV approach, where you can watch 180- and 360-degree videos, in which your favorite pornstars look like they are screwing you! You are the one who is pounding them, or at least it almost feels like it. And when you think about it, it’s not 100% real but it is also not just your figment of the imagination because you do see that the girls strip, thrust their hips, make you all tingly down there with their buck-naked bodies, and they get down and dirty in front of you. Because of the way in which goggles are made, you can perceive videos as something that is actually happening before your eyes. And this is a perfect way to feel more connected to your favorite smut stars and cam girls/boys on sex cam sites, but it is also a perfect tool to connect more with your partner if you are in a long-distance relationship! No matter if you use your VR headset to have a better amatory experience or to have more fulfilling dates with your soulmate, VR definitely comes with so many benefits! Did you know that the VR industry has earned billions of dollars in 2021? This should tell you a lot! In the world, there are many applications of the VR’s immersive environment. People are grateful because they can virtually visit places and environments, they wouldn’t be able otherwise. For example, they can check out pricey galleries, some overpriced locations they can’t afford to see in person. Maybe it’s not as good as the real thing, but it’s better than not seeing anything at all!
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Long-distance relationships are now much more enjoyable!

You have to agree that today there are just so many digital strategies we can use for various purposes. Our period is famous for all these digital tools and ways to do our jobs, have hobbies, meet people, and so on. There are many ways to earn money today if we are digital and computer savvy. There are many ways to meet new people using online networks and all sorts of platforms. And yes, we also have virtual reality tools and approaches to try new awesome things, like sex and dating! When VR appeared several years ago, we were so eager to test it, adopt it, implement it everywhere it was possible! Now VR is not a new concept anymore, but we have discovered so many purposes of it, so many ways we can use it to have a more fulfilling and enjoyable life! Have you ever been in a long-distance relationship? Compared to the ones a long time ago, when people had no computers and phones and ways to communicate online, the ones we have today are much easier to nourish. In the past, we could only send letters, maybe hear from our loved ones via phones, and that’s it. People were not that optimistic about these relationships. But now we don’t just have messengers and video calls, we also have VR and we can have online dates with our partners! Do you know what that means? You have almost everything you have on regular dates, you just can’t touch your loved one. But touching doesn’t have to be the most important thing. You can chat, do things together, have deep conversations, look at each other… And touching and fondling is reserved for those rare moments when you see each other in person. But VR is so good that everything feels so palpable. It’s like that in porn and it’s the same when you just use VR for different purposes. And do you know what’s really cool about this VR dating? You can ‘’take’’ your date everywhere, even to places that are imaginary, magical, unusual, out of this world – something that only exists as a part of VR, and you don’t have it in real world. Isn’t this tempting? If you are a gamer, you probably like these imaginary worlds.

What are the benefits of VR for our brains?

Did you know that VR strengthens brain waves? And when you do it often, the chances are low you will have problems with the Alzheimer’s when you are older. They did some studies on rats. They tested it to see what would happen, and the results were amazing! VR is very beneficial for our theta waves, which are crucial in one’s hippocampus. It improves our memory and learning, but it also helps ADHD children and grownups, not to mention it does wonders with people who are depressed! All these things are connected to the health of our brains. People who are depressed, dysthymic, lethargic, anxious and who have trouble memorizing things don’t have these problems because they were born with them or they are spoiled. No, people face these problems because of certain brain waves activities. It all starts from the brain! And when you watch VR porn or just do other things with your VR goggles, you help your brain waves to work better, and there is no more room for depression and these negative sensations and feelings. Not to mention it is so much fun! You are amused and you focus on that pleasure, so you forget about your everyday worries and obligations that make you feel tired and stressed. This theta rhythm enhancement doesn’t have to cost much, but it can be great combined with proper medicine and a healthy diet! If you really are struggling with depression and negative ways of thinking that only make you stagnate in life, you have to do more than just buy goggles and try VR! You need proper nourishment, you need a psychologist, a healthier environment and to surround yourself with people who will be a positive influence. You need to decide that you want to help yourself, and there are many steps towards getting better. Yes, VR can be one of these steps, but it will only be good for you if you approach it in a healthy way. VR is here so that people can enjoy it, use it to make some things easier. No matter if you use it for VR porn or VR dating, or just playing video games, your brain will work better even if you just use it occasionally!

VR date ideas to try with your significant other

Use VR porn games as an extension to explore sexuality with your significant other! As you can see, there are so many things people can do to have fun and spice up their love life. Date night doesn’t have to be boring, it should be fun and engaging. Perhaps you and your partner are both tech freaks and would love to get kinky around some animatronics, so there is a high chance you already have a VR headset each and know how to use it. Having a shared experience in virtual reality can help you explore the realm of sexuality without involving other people, staying faithful, and experiencing it ‘artificially’. Introverted people often seem shy, but in reality, they have a wide range of interests and some kinky secrets. Try out playing some puzzle porn games together and work your way up to those X-rated scenes. The VR game DanNight by VRBanger has the theme of the evening conveniently included in the title. Use it to play around, get silly and hard, and work your way up to the sexy threesome porn scene with Laura and Dana. So don’t be surprised if your dear and shy partner shows interest in immersive games, role-playing, and even considering how VR porn can introduce the idea of a threesome in your lives. Including another female in your sex life can be challenging because of the taboo social conventions we are all exposed to in our society. Using VR is a way around it, and you can try playing games like Virt-A-Mate and sharing the experience, even though this project is still developing it can be an interesting experience to share. VR Fuck Dolls can be another fruitful option, with animated VR simulated reality that includes different settings (from dungeon to a mansion), and has single-player and multiplayer modes. The virtual companion is customizable, and like in real life, her sex skills improve over time! The best thing about it is that the membership is free, but exclusive items do require a membership. Long-distance relationships are on another level of human interaction, and it takes some serious creativity and devotion to maintain a healthy sex life with no physical contact! People who have such relationships already have some awesome tricks to keep the sexual tension between them. Have you tried any teledildonic gadgets recently? Look it up, the market has some interesting products to offer for hot-wired long-distance sex.
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