Today’s Special

Starring Vina Sky & Kimmy Kimm

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Today’s Special – You must have heard about so-called Michelin Stars, have not you? Yeah, they are like… ranks given to the best restaurants in the world to commemorate their high-class and achievements.

The point is that, when you are running your own luxury place, getting a Michelin Star to it is pretty much one of the most important things that you are aiming for – and everybody in your crew would do anything to achieve that commemoration, as it is a lifetime achievement that puts you in a very sophisticated spot. Inside of our latest threesome VR porn movie called Today’s Special we are turning you into one of those guides deciding about the Michelin Stars – and, unfortunately for the restaurant that you are visiting today, someone will mess up your order really bad, and now they will have to… pay the price.

We have prepared not one but two Asian VR porn stars for you to have some fun with inside of this virtual reality xxx fantasy – Vina Sky and Kimmy Kimm – who will become the waitress and the chef – both responsible for your messed-up order. Sooner or later, when the girl will realize that you are who you are, they will really try to make up and somehow recover from the mess that has just happened – starting with a nice head on behalf of this blowjob VR porn scene.

Then, this latest release from will get even more interesting, as soon enough you will actually get to fuck the vixens – and yes, both of them will be for you to enjoy here and now.

Wear your VR goggles to see if they really deserve that Michelin Star – and no, not because of their cooking skills, that is for sure, but… who cares? You got to fuck them, instead – and that is all that matters!



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