Magic Wand

Starring Alexia Anders

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Magic Wand – Wanna see a magic trick? And what about doing one of them?

Yeah, we’re about to make you a magician inside of our latest public VR porn scene – and since we’re VR Bangers, your magic is going to provide you with a lot of enjoyable and unforgettable moments, we promise!

So what’s the deal with this latest VR porn video? Well, it’s simple. You’ll head to the VR Bangers’ bar to spend some time with your best buddy and drink a couple of beers. When the waitress (Alexia Anders VR porn star) will come to cash you guys out, your buddy will offer you a deal – a magic trick in exchange for her paying up your receipt.

The girl will decide to agree to that exchange but under one condition – this magic trick will have to be good, which means that just any piece of jugglery won’t be good enough to convince this Asian VR porn model. Do you have something prepared for such an occasion? Don’t worry, bro, we’ve got you covered.

This will just be the beginning of this new VR porn scene – and as soon as the situation of the Magic Wand VR porn movie will develop, you’re about to keep on throwing new and new pieces of mysticism to impress that young lad.

In your final trick (you’ll have to watch this blowjob VR porn video to find out what’s it gonna be), you’ll be trying to excite that Asian vixen so badly to actually get her on her knees in front of you – if only your magic will be powerful enough to convince her that it’s real. Well, you have to grab your VR goggles now and do your best – although the magic of VR Bangers is powerful, so something tells us that you’ll be successful tonight!


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