Summer Mood

Starring Josephine Jackson & Linda Leсlair

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Summer Mood – Spring is finally here and beach babes Josephine Jackson and Linda Leclair can’t wait to show off their hot bikini bodies.

Why wait for summer when the sun is out and the two besties can turn up the heat on their own?

After admiring one another in their tiny suits, the girls start to get more intimate. Just when things are getting really hot, they notice that they are not alone. Josephine’s stepbrother is standing there staring at them. You have made a surprise visit from college and can’t believe what you see.

Since both girls are bisexual and already totally worked up, Linda thinks this is a great opportunity to get some dick. She does not expect Josephine to agree and join in the fun with her own stepbrother, but she is not about to turn down a VR taboo-threesome with her bestie. They stay on their knees and take turns sucking your cock until it is throbbing, wet, and ready to fill their other horny holes. You slide your meat inside of them, banging away from behind until they take you balls-deep. Josephine spreads her legs wide and lets you bang her pussy until she cums all over you.

She turns the dick over to her best friend and watches while Linda gets properly banged. The girls team up and show you that their big tits are better for more than just bouncing in bikinis.

They are also perfect for wrapping around a hard cock and pumping hard. You are surprised that your step sister acts like a professional VR porn actress.

You hold out as long as you can before letting the two hungry sluts take your load in their mouths. As they share a sticky kiss, you know that it’s going to be a really good weekend.



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