ASMR Side Effect

Starring Sandralyd

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ASMR Side Effect – Sandralyd has a full load of college courses that keep her too busy to maintain a regular job.

She has been picking up some sexy side gigs to keep the bills paid.

Her latest project is for a new ASMR channel. It is different than she expected, but an easy way to keep the money coming in. While she is recording an update, her stepbrother walks in and is curious.

She tries to explain what she is doing and how it works, but you are completely confused. Instead of telling you, she demonstrates by loudly licking on a lollipop. While you are watching she sounds and the sight of her tongue licking the candy gets to you and you become visibly aroused. Sandralyd loves the reaction and decides to act on some forbidden VR porn fantasies she has been hiding for a while.

She decides to stop licking the candy and start licking your throbbing dick. It tastes better than candy and she can’t wait to feel it thrusting inside of her eager young pussy.

You may not understand the work she is doing, but you know exactly what to do when she bends over and pushes her hips back towards you. After a few deep strokes get you all wet, she reaches back and guides you into her ass. That is an unexpected adventure, but you are happy to fill her tight backdoor.

She loves being a naughty freak and the expression on your face when she uses her sweet voice to talk dirty to you is all she needs to start cumming. She wants you to have just as much taboo VR fun and rides you hard, begging for your seed. You don’t miss the chance to shoot a big load into her.


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