Russian Blonde Babe And Sexy VR Model Nika Masturbates For Us

Starring Nika

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Russian Blonde Babe And Sexy VR Model Nika Masturbates For Us – What a petite cute figure Nika has.

She is so cute and sexy and those c cup tits are just perfect! Nika starts out today in her sexy long black dress and she looks amazing.

She shows off those legs of hers as she is wearing high heels that she just bought for the shoot. She lifts her leg high and puts it on the table so we can see how great her legs are. We are impressed. We love a sexy pair of legs and to see her up close in VR we are getting rock hard!

She dances around some in her dress and we can see that ass she has is very cute as well. We are very interested in what she looks like with that dress off now since she has had it on and teasing us so much.

If you remember Nika was here once before. She was new back then and now that she has some shoots under her belt we will see if anything is different. We see she also thinks it is time to get rid of the dress as she looks at us as she sits down and then lifts the dress over her head and shows us her very plain underwear.

We like to see girls in panties and we are not complaining. And now she sees we are still hungry and want more she stands and unhooks her bra from the front and lets it fall open for us! Now we are talking!

The tits are out and she is in her panties and heels and we are finally getting where we want to be. She then stands and pulls those panties up so tight into her pussy. She turns around and shows us her ass as she pulls down the panties and shows off her cute ass! We are here for all of this! Go see what she does next in the full video!


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