Ukrainian Models Sara And Alisa Get Naked And Play With Each Other In VR

Starring Sara & Alisa

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Ukrainian Models Sara And Alisa Get Naked And Play With Each Other In VR – We have two models from the Ukraine in the studios today.

We have the lovely blond Miss Sara Alisa and the sexy dark haired babe Miss Alisa. These angels look like they just got back from the beach. They are in their short shorts and colorful t-shirts. We love to see how sexy they look so casual and ready to play.

We are in love with how hot they look and once we tell the VR camera is on, they just go for each other. They thrust their hips and lick their fingers and they grab each other and start rubbing their hands all over each other.

They turn around and point their asses at the camera so we can take a good look at them and then they reach back and start to rub each other’s ass. What a fucking great shoot this turned out to be. Sometimes we just get two models together that really hit it off! We got lucky with these two ladies and they both decided it was time after all that rubbing to start taking clothes off.

We were just as happy as they were when they had their tops off and we got to see those lovely tits of theirs.

They both have fantastic boobs and once they were free from their shirts they started to rub and grab and kiss each other’s chest. Fuck! We wish we were models and could jump in as they started to suck each other’s nipples.

It was so nice to match a blonde with a brunette and they both had the best tits around! Go watch the full video now!


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