Remember Me

Starring Ariela Marins

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Remember Me – Ariela Marins is lying on bed because she just woke up. She is remembering her dream that was… an erotic dream! She calls you because you are on a trip and she misses being with you, being touched by you, being kissed by you, and obviously she is calling because she is horny. She wants to tell you about her dream, where she was having a threesome with you and another girl. So, she starts to narrate what she dreamt. First, she performs a striptease with her sexy lingerie and, as she undresses, she touches herself while describing the things she was doing with you and the other imaginary girl. With her sensual voice she turns you on, because her description of missionary, doggy and blowjobs between you three are the horniest things you’ve ever heard of. She takes out a dildo to introduce it when the right time of the story arrives and she continue like this, describing for you the dream and masturbating herself while you listening to her full of lust. She keeps going until she cum. Before she hangs up the call, she tells you to remember her as she remembered you even in dreams. Maybe tonight you will have an erotic dream like hers to tell.


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