Please Don’t Fire Me

Starring Mina Luxx

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Please Don’t Fire Me – Have you ever had to fire someone in real life? Yeah, then you already know that this isn’t the nicest experience in the world – yet at, we always try to make everything as pleasurable as possible!

And our latest office VR sex movie will not be an exception to the rule, we promise! Especially since it’s been recorded in the stunning 8K ultra-high definition. Introducing Please, Don’t Fire Me – our latest virtual reality porn experience with one-of-a-kind Asian VR porn star Mina Luxx. As soon as you’re gonna wear your VR goggles, you’ll become Mina’s boss – the powerful businessman with millions of dollars to operate and some important contracts to sign.

Even though until now this description sounds pretty damn boring, don’t worry – it’s gonna get better anytime now! The thing is that today you’re about to acquire some real estate as a part of your latest deal – and the person that will present them to you will suggest that you should fire your secretary (Mina), as from now, she’ll be pretty useless for you.

The problem will be, though, Mina will disagree with that decision and be eager to do whatever it takes to prove to you she could be more than just “useful” to you. Grab your VR goggles and see what this babe VR xxx actress has to offer to keep her job – and whether you’ll be willing to give her another chance, nevertheless the given circumstances. We, VR Bangers, hope that you’ll make the adequate decision – yet we’re pretty damn sure that you’ll be influenced by Mina’s sexy body and her tight little pussy.

But guess what? We don’t care! We made this latest release to give you all the fun you want – and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that you’re gonna enjoy it, no matter what business decisions you’re about to make!


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