This Is Not Working

Starring Barbara Pires & Tony Lee

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This Is Not Working – Barbara Pires is trying to turn on the laptop. It’s not working and she starts to get angry. She asks you to try to fix it. You type some keys in order to turn it on, but you can’t get it.

You don’t mind so much because you are thinking about her sculptural body and how much she turns you on. You are thinking about how sexy she is and you get hard. She notices it because the laptop moves and she sees your penis.

She takes the computer and put it aside. She takes off your trousers and start to touch your dick and to introduce it in her mouth, giving you one of the best blowjobs of your life: she starts slowly… at some point she takes off her top and give you the blowjob with faster moves while you watch her boobs.

She rides you and, being on top of you, you stick your cock in her ass, she turns around and you fuck her in doggy style… You will do different sex positions while she screams all the time because of the pleasure that you are giving her. She will fuck you too, she will masturbate you… and at the end you will cum on her.


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