Just You And Me

Starring Leria Glow

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Just You And Me – Leria Glow VR has had a crush on her stepfather for a long time.

She has always wondered if he feels the same way. Lately, you have been paying more attention to her and she has caught you looking at her when her mother isn’t paying attention.

One night when mom is away, she decides to test you out and see if you return her feelings. She puts on some new pajamas and invites you to watch a taboo VR porn movie with her.

You keep your distance at first, trying to focus on the screen, but she gets bolder when she catches you peeking at her.

She bends over, letting her cheeks pop out of the special bottoms in her pajamas. When she can see that your cock is hard, she opens them up more, showing you how wet her pussy is just thinking of you. You tell her that is wrong and she needs to stop, but she tells you that she will not. She has wanted you for a long time and is going to rub her horny pussy.

If you don’t want to see it, you should leave. You don’t of course and she lets her fingers explore the warmth between her legs.

Now that you can’t take your eyes off of her, she begs you to show her your cock. You know you shouldn’t, but take it out anyway. It is big and hard and your hand pumps while Leria slips her fingers into her juicy twat. She can tell you want her now and as your cock explodes, she closes her eyes and cums on her fingers. Next time you are going to do more than just watch and she can’t wait.



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