Virtual Reality has brought porn into a new real. People can now enjoy adult entertainment in an environment where they feel part of the sexual action. Who knows what will come next, but without a doubt, any advancement in technology with regards to entertainment must be interactive.

For now, VR is the most realistic experience you can have with porn. VR turns boring 2D videos to 3D self-immersive videos. To even better your VR porn experience, you should include the use of sex toys as well. That’s where VR PornCat comes in, we give you a run-down of best accessories to spice up your VR experience. Looking forward, sex toy manufacturers seek to take the masturbation experience to a whole new level of ecstasy.

Madison Ivy Fleshlight VR Porn How to get more out of Adult VR with Adult Toys


Masturbators are now connected with VR Headsets to make a realer sex appeal. Toys are equipped with motion, volume and action sensing technology to synchronize with the experience in the Virtual World and stimulate you physically. The masturbator increases and decreases in speed based on the haptic feedback it gets from the virtual environment. This gives a feeling of real sex. Imagine having sex in the Real and Virtual World at the same time.

vr porn banner How to get more out of Adult VR with Adult Toys

That’s simply mind blowing.

Some of the sex toys on our list for a pleasurable VR Porn experience are outlined below.


vr porn lovense toy How to get more out of Adult VR with Adult Toys

Lovense prides itself as the pioneers of sex toys. How true this claim is isn’t our concern but they offer 2 awesome toys; for men and women. The toys work with Bluetooth functionality which connects to your device. They use the VirtualRealSex app to connect and try to mimic the video you are playing in VR. Lovense has other accessories and they have some authority in the sex toy niche. Check Lovense here

Autoblow 2

girl autoblow 2 vr porn How to get more out of Adult VR with Adult Toys

The name gives it away. It can be described as a robot built to give you a continuous, hands-free blowjob. This sex accessory was built for the male folks. It lacks haptic feedback but never fails in giving you a mind-blowing blowjob. It has various settings to modify your VR experience.

Kiroo Onyx

kiiroo vr porn adult toys How to get more out of Adult VR with Adult Toys

Kiroo Onyx was built for men who are love adult entertainment. It connects to your device through a using the Bluetooth functionality while synchronizing with VirtualRealSex app. You have options for automatic and manual mode but the automatic mode gives you a better immersion in VR. Check it Here

Kiroo Pearl

How to get more out of Adult VR with Adult Toys

This accessory is the woman companion to Kiroo Onyx. It quickly connects to another device and makes the VR experience a 2-person thing. It’s the right toy to spice up your sex life between you and your spouse. Check it out Here

Fleshlight Girls

Fleshlight Girls How to get more out of Adult VR with Adult Toys

Many of the best pornstars are now releasing their own fleshlight product lines. You can use those in combination with VR to get the best pornstar experience short of having sex with her. Check some Fleshlights Here

There are lots pf VR porn accessories to make a choice from but the best accessories are those that support total immersion and interaction within the virtual world while giving you an awesome physical satisfaction as well. Thanks for checking our How to get more out of Adult VR with Adult Toys article.

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