Emily’s Nudes

Starring Emily Mayers

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Emily’s Nudes – Sometimes terrible things work out for the best. Emily found herself in a very sad mood when her longtime boyfriend decided to dump her on the night before their third anniversary.

They had a big weekend planned including a hotel room, fine dining, and lots of sex. Emily had even bought a special outfit designed to drive him crazy with desire.

While she is trying on the outfit and getting turned on thinking about the naughty VR fun they are going to have, he breaks up with her via text. She is heartbroken but hears her stepbrother in the other room.

She has noticed you checking her out more than once and decides to do something about it. Rather than giving in to her sadness, she decides to show you all that her boyfriend was supposed to see.

Walking into the room, she interrupts you as you are about to put on your headset for some VR Porn. You take one look at your stepsister in her sexy outfit and are instantly aroused. The look of lust in your eyes convinces her that she needs to show you more.

Fuck her stupid boyfriend. If her own stepbrother wants to fuck her, then Emily knows she can have any guy she desires. She decides to go for it, encouraging you to take out your big dick and stroke along with her.

Since you like her ass so much she shakes her cheeks and runs her hands between her thighs. Seeing you shoot your load while staring at her pushes Emily over the edge. Her boyfriend is missing out and her stepbrother is the lucky guy who gets to fuck her next.



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