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4 Sensual Pornos To Check Out Before The February Ends

Natalia Forrest Needs Only One Night

4 Sensual Pornos To Check Out Before The February Ends – Since for this article we were inspired to write about sensual eye candies, we have to mention Natalia Forrest! When we first saw this dreamboat, we fell in love with her complexion and hairstyle. She is a caramel-skinned goddess, who always has something sexy to show you. The video we are talking about is on VR Smash.

This is the free version of the video, but it is short. If you want the longer version, go to Wank It Now VR. Of course, do not forget to grab your best headset and the party can start! In your pants and outside of it. Natalia will make you hard and sexed-up. It is always like that with this indulgent sweetheart. She is busty, lean and gorgeous. Her eyes are light and beautiful. Her charisma is palpable. It is hard not to notice Natalia when you see her. Even if it is in a room full of people. Natalia dominates every room and she is a natural. In this video, she is playing with her favorite sex toy.

Wank It Now VR - One night is all I need - Natalia Forrest
Wank It Now VR – One night is all I need – Natalia Forrest

It is a big dildo and she is sucking it passionately. She is doing it like it is a real dude! When she does it, she shows you all her slut skills, and she has many! Natalia knows how to move her tongue. She darts her sexy tongue around the dildo, and that makes her lady bits sopping. Even though Natalia is in a dress, her breasts are exposed. This is a sight for the sore eyes! Basically, the whole free video is about her sucking the dildo. It can be a bit boring if you like more acts in a flick.

But if blowjobs are your thing – you will love it! As Natalia is cuddling and licking the silicone toy, she is also saying things to us. These are some dirty words for a dirty lady! Watching Natalia sure won’t be a chore for you because she is eye-catching. Do you know she is from Britain? Sometimes she tries BDSM and stuff like ball gags, and she is unpredictable. We never know what to expect from her next!

Mary Rock Is Sensual and Sweet

Mary Rock will make you feel like a rock down there! She is a very feminine porn star. Young and blonde, she looks like an angel. But is she one? Definitely not! She is everything but! Sure, she looks adorable and irresistible in that little pink skirt… The upskirt part of the flick will make you tingly. Why are girls so tempting in their skirts? Maybe it’s the fact that men simply do not wear that. When we see a girl in a skirt or a dress, we go crazy! We just want to meet her, grab her, take her.

Mary Rock looks fabulous in this girly outfit, but she looks even better when she starts taking it off. This video is a sensual striptease porno, where Mary shows you her wild side. Every girl has a wild side, doesn’t she? Some hide it better, others like everyone to see it! Mary has this exhibitionistic nature and she wants everyone to see her sluttiest version. She strips, she gives her fuck boy a handjob, a blowjob – everything we like. Here is the link and as you can see, it is free.

Sex Babe VR - Sweet And Sensual - Mary Rock
Sex Babe VR – Sweet And Sensual – Mary Rock

However, the free version on Porn Hat is shorter. If you want the full video, it is from Sex Babe VR. So, we know only the biggest babes are on Sex Babe VR! Babes such as Mary Rock, a stunning green-eyed blonde who looks fabulous in pink. You will like how sensually and slowly she exposes her buttocks. She shows off her beautiful legs and the booty. Of course, she will show you the entire body, but be patient. Mary likes to do it slowly to tease you.

This video is not brand new, but it is not old on Porn Hat either. It has 35000 views! This many people have seen Mary strip and suck the boner. Like the dick-depraved nympho she is. When you watch the entire thing, you have a lot of treats! The cowgirl fuck, the reverse cowgirl and the cumshot. But this is Mary… You can always count on something sexy when she is the star! If you want to see more of her work, she appears on many VR porn sites as well.

Vampirella – A Steamy Parody You Will Like

It has just dawned on us – we have never written anything about parodies! Maybe we have? We cannot remember. But for this article, we have a very sensual and racy porn parody on our minds – Vampirella! You probably know who this sexy character is. Vampirella is legendary! There are many versions and interpretations of her.

This time, Vampirella will be both arousing and funny. She will excite you and make you laugh. This is your link and this is your girl. As you can see, Vampirella looks like a sex goddess! And she is the sexiest vampire you will ever see. There are several Vampirella pornos on the web, but this one comes from VR Cosplay X. This site is famous for its steamy, delicious parodies and cosplay videos with mesmerizing porn stars.

VR Cosplay X - Vampirella A XXX Parody - Alba de Silva
VR Cosplay X – Vampirella A XXX Parody – Alba de Silva

The star of this flick is Alba de Silva, a sensual Latina with big boobs. She is so luscious that you will probably drool and make a mess. Alba de Silva is an Only Fans star and she has Insta and Twitter, where you can see even more of her yummy nudes and sexy pics. This mouth-watering starlet is young and lustful. And here’s a fun fact and a cool coincidence! We are writing this article on February 24th, and did you know this was Alba’s birthday?

You can Google it! She is 28 years old in 2022 and still has a lot to explore. When you check out her Instagram profile, you will see this Spanish adult actress is a gem. She has a beautiful smile and a hot caramel body to die for. Maybe she is the most desirable Spanish porn star, and she is definitely the hottest Vampirella! What do you think? Do you know another Vampirella and is she as hot as Alba de Silva? Maybe we will dedicate an article to all VR Vampirellas in the future!

Cardio With Three Desirable Porn Stars

The last sensual porno we will talk about today is something we saw on Naughty America. You can also find a free version here. As you can see, this is a video that will not leave you indifferent. This is because you do not have one, but three sensual porn stars! And you do not even know which one is more alluring. You have Sahara Leone, Ella Knox and Violet Myers. The three girls are at a gym, and they are alone with a dude.

This dude gets to bone them all, at the same time! So, this is actually a FFFM foursome. They all share one dick from the first to the last minute of the porno. But luckily for the girls, they are all bisexual! So, instead of waiting for their turn to take the pulsating rod, the girls also enjoy one another. They kiss and they are very sensual and passionate. You will see a lot of cuddling and tit sucking, oral sex and pretty much everything you expect from a foursome. All the girls are equally slutty and they will not stop until they all get what they want. The video is long and satisfying and you will probably need a cigarette after it.

Naughty America - Ella Knox, Sahara Leone, And Violet Myers Put In Some Extra Cardio
Naughty America – Ella Knox, Sahara Leone, And Violet Myers Put In Some Extra Cardio

You can also check out the profiles of Ella, Sahara and Violet. It is cool here that one of the girls is dark-skinned. So, this is not just a foursome. It is actually an interracial foursome that offers diversity. Now, when it comes to Naughty America, we are in love with these folks. They produce sensual, steamy group sex flicks. Their girls are always hot and tempting. Sex-packed acts make you want to explode. The video is now 2 years old, and it has 97000 views.

Maybe the best part of the video is when two of the girls start playing with their breasts as the third on is being dicked. This part will probably make you drool because they are busty. Their assets look so soft and yummy. All the girls are dark-haired, so if you like brunettes, you will love it! If you still do not know who Ella, Sahara and Violet are, you will! You have more of these ladies on sites like Naughty America VR, but you can find them on free tubes. If you like busty porn stars, you will find them under this category. So, what do you think about this one? Is it time to go and check it out? Enjoy them all!