Squirtish Delight In Istanbul

Starring Kat Squirt

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    FuckPassVR - Squirtish Delight In Istanbul - It has been a long awaited retreat to the city of Istanbul, a place full of charm and unassuming romance. After landing and taking a load off in the VIP lounge, you’re served a traditional Turkish coffee by a local beauty in a traditional top and high waisted shorts with olive skin.

    As you await word from your secretary on the status of your luxury pavilion with a Bosphorus view in Beylerbeyi, as this last minute getaway left your usual accommodations unavailable you have a car called. Eager to explore you direct the driver to take you to Sultanahmet Square, the local open air market on your search of something to fulfill your travel lust. As your excitement grows passing through the city streets, you're dropped just short of Sultanahmet Square so that you may take in Turkish enchantments on foot.

    As you approach the square filled with obelisks and ancient fountains, a warm breeze brushes your cheek and draws your eyes to the sexy brunette, Kat Squirt with an overwhelmingly round booty looking you dead in the eyes. As she bites her lip and touches her breast you head in her direction to make acquaintance knowing this is just the thing your body needs to get in the mood for your Istanbul retreat.

    After a sensual greeting and small talk about the Hagia Sophia and Sultanahmet Mosques, the FuckPassVR babe, Kat Squirt, whispers in your ear that her ass has been naughty and she needs your cock to serve it justice. Feeling compelled to be a peacekeeper and fulfill your civic duties, you hail a taxi and bring Kat Squirt to a more private courtyard where she can indulge you in her lustrous desires.

    Still without accommodations, Kat Squirt invites you to her house, ready for you to give her a proper Turkish surprise that will keep her abiding by your command for the duration of your Istanbul stay. Get settled in and ready your Virtual Reality Headset as Kat Squirt prepares to give you an inside and sexually robust look at her ass and everything she needs to make her cum in this FuckPassVR Exclusive Release!


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