Sky’s Starlit Lollipop

Starring Sky Pierce

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Sky’s Starlit Lollipop – Sky, this sweet young lady that is devouring you with her eyes right now, is a prominent representative of VR porn blowjob actress’ mastery. She’s been learning her craft for a while already. Since a very young age, she has been aware of the fact of what she wanted to do in her life.

The only thing that didn’t cross her mind was that finally, she would make an appearance in the VR porn video industry. Nonetheless, once she heard about it, she decided to go all in and here she is. You see her on her knees, smiling, waiting patiently for you to let her know she can start.

She offers herself entirely to you. Her body is just aching and agonizing to feel you inside herself. If any dream can come true, for Sky, this moment is exactly that. If you listen attentively, you can hear her heart beating loudly. This cutie is just so stressed out about what is going to happen. She always wants to give her best in whatever she does, and this time is no different.

Her moves at first may look a little clumsy but give her some time and space. Once she goes down on you and gets to know how you taste, any hesitation will instantly disappear. You see, lust does its job. She will start doing things at which she’s a true expert. Under no circumstances will she leave you unsatisfied. Her major objective is to make you relaxed. Make you feel well she’s taken care of you. She has a few strategies for how to realize those goals. First, her tiny tits. She’s aware of their size, however, she’s not ashamed of them at all.

Perhaps she can’t make you a decent titsjob, but still, they are useful. In her plan, they serve only as an appetizer. It’s still a long run until you taste the main course, not to mention the dessert… But everything in its own time. So first tits. You can play with them, lick them, and kiss them. Whatever you want, basically, she will agree on each thing to make you happy. Then she will start something more demanding. You see, her mouth may seem not so big at a very first glance. However, once Sky sees a huge cock, like the one of yours, the situation changes completely. Among her colleagues, she’s called a “devourer”. I think any explanation is unnecessary in this case.

However, it’s important to state the fact that this alias is well-deserved. If you ever wondered how good is VR porn, you should see this chick in action. So, we are already after an appetizer and the first course. And where is the main one? The answer to that question you will find in this girl’s pussy. Oh, you may be sure that the meal will be very abundant. And when it comes to the dessert… Just listen to her moaning. I think it’s more than enough for you.


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