Play Girl Stories With Artemi Santi

Starring Artemi Santi

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RealityLovers - Play Girl Stories With Artemi Santi - Avanti, it’s Artemi Santi, what a name and what’s her game?

Artemi is a thing of beauty, versatile as a performer, the camera loves her and so will you.

Too short for the catwalk but devastatingly elegant, a treat to dazzle us with her Play Girl Stories. She’s a bit of a chameleon, Artemi’s elegance is like an erotic bomb, her stunning face is looking right at you and we know you can only take your eyes of it to Czech out her outrageously hot body. Trying to decide her finest attribute is a story in itself.

Perhaps it’s her dainty tits, with those soft pink nipple bits. Maybe it’s the magic triangle inside her panties that captures your gaze in so many ways, Artemi Santi is dazzling everywhere. Her ass is like a peach, almost close enough to reach with VR, if only. She’s erection perfection.

Maybe you lust over her bust, dream of her to banging a gang, perhaps she’ll tickle your balls until they can take no more, until your man snake spasms uncontrollably leaving her with sticky fingers and a satisfied cheeky smile on her face knowing you’d be load blowing. What’s she into we wonder?

is it playing with sex toys or sex with big boys? We imagine she’s got the perfect pussycat, probably a squealer as you excitedly feel her.

There are going to be some stories here. Perhaps she’s one of those pussy play types, getting all worked up, wet knickers and desperately bursting to tickle her own fancy for the camera. A finger flicking fantasy for all to see.

One thigs for sure, “avanti”, forward we go and then we will know, lets get intimate with Artemi Santi. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.


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