Out Of The Bath

Starring Zlata Shine

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Out Of The Bath – Taking a bath is really relaxing and that’s what you needed.

However, when you are about to finish, your girlfriend Zlata Shine appears with a towel saying that she thought you need this in order to come out.

You come out the bathtub, wet and with the water running over your body and you see in her eyes the lust. Then, Zlata starts to tease you with her hands around your body, drying you with the towel and speaking about how much she likes you.

She moves away and makes a gesture meaning that she wants you to go with her to the bed. She leaves the room and of course you follow her… you know exactly what she wants.

So, you join her in bed. She starts giving you a full blowjob: licking your cock, putting it inside her mouth and going up and down, putting it between her big boobs and using her tongue to suck your balls.

Next, you can’t deny that all you want is introducing your penis inside of her and giving her pleasure by fucking her.

And you do it in every position: you put her on her side, face to face and backwards… Every position makes her scream of pleasure and you are enjoying every movement. You will fuck until you come all over her body.


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