Mencia Francis Takes Off Her Panties To Show Us Her Well Shaved Pussy

Starring Mencia Francis

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Mencia Francis Takes Off Her Panties To Show Us Her Well Shaved Pussy – A sexy Russian brunette has come to play with us in our studios!

This new model is named Mencia Francis and she wanted to be part of our team so she came in to show us her portfolio and we were very happy with what we saw so we asked her when she could do a shoot.

She mentioned that she had all day off. We happened to have a room empty and the crew was all in the offices so we decided to just go see what happens. She decided to just wear her street clothes rather than change into something else sexy.

She sat down and looked at the camera and then started to grab at her braless top. She has very small tits and a sexy tummy. What a cute face she has too.

We were more interested in seeing what she was going to do with those tits though. So, she teased us and grabbed at her top and then just pulled it off to show us her cute tits and nipples.

Now that was off we wanted more as she danced around bending over to show us her ass in her tight jeans. She pulled the jeans off and now she in her panties playing.

She shoved her hand down into her panties and grabbed her pussy and we could tell she wanted to show us more. She then turned around and bent over to show us how tight her ass was.

That was a lovely sight and now the panties are dropping to the floor as she wants to show us how well she shaved her pussy for us. This is getting good! Go see what she did next with that hot pussy of hers!



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