May The 4th Be With Us

Starring Gastonccito & Viktor Rom

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May The 4th Be With Us – Gastonccito dressed up as Obi Wan Kenobi is on the sofa in front of the TV.

Viktor Rom as Stormtrooper enters with popcorn. They are going to do a marathon of Star Wars.

They are deciding if they are going to watch the classic trilogy or the new one. Gastonccito ask him if he is not hot with the costume on. His answer is even hotter: “I am a little bit hot, but there is no problem because I am not wearing anything under it”. That turns Gastonccito on. They start to kiss and that makes them horny.

Viktor starts taking off Gastonccito’s clothes. Then, he kneels and bites his legs and gives him a black kiss, making him be over the moon. Then, Viktor lays down and fucks him while he speaks dirty in Spanish.

He fucks him in different positions like missionary or cowboy. At the end of the sex, they cum over the other’s body.


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