Khloe’s Candy Heart Lollipop

Starring Khloe Kapri

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Khloe’s Candy Heart Lollipop – Today is going to be a very good day! That’s because you’re about to be treated to a long and satisfying mouth massage from the hottest girl that you’ve ever seen on your dick!

You don’t even have to do anything to make it happen. Just sit back and relax. Khloe Kapri is going to slide her warm lips down around your dry shaft and get it all nice and wet with her soft tongue.

Just look at the way those striped stockings look on her sexy legs. It doesn’t get any better than that and this blonde is a very giving and caring sort of girl.

She has herself all warmed up with her lollipop and your cock is next up on the menu. She’s craving a nice meat rod chaser and you’re the one who gets to give it to her. Just make sure that you don’t shoot your load down her throat too quickly.

You’re going to want to make this cock polishing last as long as it possibly can. Khloe’s mouth is one of a kind and you’ll never be as satisfied with a girl’s mouth work as this one’s.

In fact, Khloe’s cock gobbling is so good that she’s managed to turn herself on. Now this poor girl has a soaking wet pussy and she still has to suck your load out of you.

Maybe you can both get something out of this. Just let her turn around and present that dripping hole to you. Her mouth was nice, but there’s no substitution for a good fuck hole.

Slam your dick into that chasm and you’ll never want to pull it out again! Now you might want to be a little faster, though! Khloe’s so worked up that your stiff cock is already about to make her blow!


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