Karma RX Milk Chocolate Truffles

Starring Karma RX

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Karma RX Milk Chocolate Truffles – Sometimes you just know that you’re going to have a very good day on SwallowBay and today is one of those days. That’s because Karma RX is here and she’s ready to nurse your cock back to its utmost health and vigor. All it takes is one giant dose of this horny blonde’s giant eyes and big tits and you’ll be ready to get right back into the swing of things. Don’t think you’re putting her out by making her tend to your needs, though. She loves what she does and she’s never more than a few seconds away from getting on her knees to give your dick a good, old fashioned licking.

She’s in her sexiest fishnets and she’s taking a few minutes to enjoy her delicious lollipop before she gets down to business. All you have you to do is keep your eyes on her soft tongue as it makes its way up and down her sugary treat and you’ll be more than ready for her.

Just sit back and she’ll crawl across the floor just to see you and make it all better for you. She knows that she’s already gotten you hard enough to pound her throat, but that doesn’t mean you’re lubed up enough to start her treatment. That’s why she takes some time to lick every last inch of your throbbing member to juice it up for you. Then it’s in between her perfect set of tits for a pre-treatment consultation. She slides them up and down until you’re about ready to blow all over them, but it’s all only just beginning. Now it’s time for the real fun as you feel her warm lips finally surround your cock and give you just what the doctor ordered!


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