Julia Maze And Emma Fantazy Get Naked And Play With Sex Toys In VR

Starring Julia Maze & Emma Fantazy

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Julia Maze And Emma Fantazy Get Naked And Play With Sex Toys In VR – Once before we had Emma Fantazy come to do a lesbian fuck show with another model. And today we have paired her and Julia Maze together to see if we can get some magic out of these two.

We really love Emma and love seeing her go after a slice of pussy. She is not shy about getting in there and enjoying that pussy. We see a lot of ourselves in her. We love seeing how much she enjoys fingering and licking and just playing with a pussy. We can see how real her love for pussy is and we are sure that our members also love seeing that look in her eyes when she gets a pussy thrust into her face!

Julia Maze and Emma Fantazy are both from Ukraine so they know each other pretty well and when we got them in front of the VR camera they really just went for each other. We had them wear skin tight white t-shirts and short skirts. They started kissing and groping and Julia had her mouth on Emma’s tits right away as she pulled her top up to get to those nipples. What a fun way to start the shoot.

And Emma leans forward and shows the camera her tits up close before reaching over an grbbing Julia’s top and lifting it up to get to her huge tits! We think Emma really loved how big those tits were and she sucked and licked and played with them before going down to slide her hands over her pussy.

Julia decided to take charge and just pull Emma’s top off and she reached her hand down and started playing with Emma’s pussy too. Go see the whole video to see where it went from there!


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