Jedi Powers

Starring Veronica Leal

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Jedi Powers – Veronica Leal comes out the room dressed up like Princess Leia. She is surprised because she thought that her partner Jimmy Bud was going to be dressed as Han Solo and instead he is dressed up like Obi Wan Kenobi.

He prepared some scripts for tonight’s party and ask her if she wants to read them now. “We can’t do anything now”, he says, reading the script. Her answer, out of the script: “I can think of something”. She starts to touch his bulge in a sensual way, looking at his eyes.

He sits down. She kneels. He is hard. She takes off his underwear. Then, she licks his penis and balls, giving him an amazing blowjob.

Next, she sits on a chair and masturbates herself while she gives him a footjob. After this foreplay, they want to fuck. She sits on top of him and, in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, she has sex with him. She turns around and shows him her rounded ass.

He grabs it and fucks her in doggy-style, then she moves it so nice for both to feel the pleasure. They fuck in missionary too, and while he sticks his cock in her, she licks her own feet, making him very very horny.

He cums over her feet and then she approaches one foot to her mouth to taste his cum.


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