Hot And Sexy, First timer Miss Eva Lanis Comes To Play Naked In VR

Starring Eva Lanis

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Hot And Sexy, First timer Miss Eva Lanis Comes To Play Naked In VR – Newcomer and sexy babe Miss Eva Lanis is our petite Russian lover for the day.

She is cute and sexy and we loved getting to know her on her first shoot in VR.

She came in to test and we decided that we would just shoot her. She had the cute face and hot body that we like and we decided not to get a special room or outfit for her but to just shoot her as she was.

We love all natural women and she looks like she just walked off the street and could be a girl you saw in a coffee shop and now is getting naked in front of you while you jack off and she eggs you on by teasing you with her stripping.

She wore her own underwear and just decided to show us a tease with her taking it off and us filming her. She looked great in front of the camera and when she pulled off her top and showed us her cute tits we all got hard.

She then stood up and turned around and we all got to see the ass. The ass was perfect. It was plump and tight and round and perfect for diving into. All we wanted from that ass was for it to be thrust in our face!

But then she sat down and spread her legs and stuck a few fingers in her mouth. We knew what was coming next! Go see what she does next, you are going to love it!


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