Colors And Sex

Starring Mimi Cica

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Colors And Sex – Being in the living room looking at your phone is kind of routine for you. But today Mimi Cica is with you and she is painting in a coloring book. You can’t hold yourself and you look at her constantly, because she is so pretty sitting there with the book. Suddenly, she realizes that you are starring at her and she ask you what are you looking at. With shyly eyes she says that you are making her feel nervous. But nervous in a good way, because she already knows what she wants. Because she is a little bit shy, she writes something in her coloring book and shows it to you: “Let’s play?”. You know what she means by that. So, you say yes and she starts to caress you, to run her tongue all over your body and to tell you things to get you horny. She looks at you with a naughty smile and gives you a blowjob for starters. She masturbates you with her boobs before starting to fuck. You are going to make her rolling her eyes: first you are sitting and you do it face to face, then she turns around and you fuck her watching her ass moving. After that, you are standing and she is bending to hold on the sofa while you take her hips and push them against you for a deeper feeling. Atl the end, she will kneel to give you a blowjob in order to you cum in her mouth as you want.


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