Charlotte’s Ball Lollipop

Starring Charlotte Sins

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Charlotte’s Ball Lollipop – There are some girls in the world who just can’t seem to get enough dick in their lives and Charlotte is certainly one of them.

This is a girl who spends every single night dreaming about penis and she can never say no to one that is right in her face. That’s why it’s a very lucky thing for you that the cock in her face today just so happens to be yours!

This hungry babe is going to do things to it that you’ve only ever imagined and you’re not going to be able to leave until you give her every last inch of it. The way this girl sucks off that lollipop is only a preview of what you can expect from this horny brunette. The sugary taste is just to get her ready for the salty meat stick you have starting to throb in your pants. Just think about how amazing it’s going to feel when this big tit girls wraps her sticky lips around your shaft and tries to just suck the cum right out of you before her head even starts to bob!

Don’t worry, though. Charlotte isn’t going to make you blow your load that quickly. Her main love in life is dick and there’s no chance of her giving it back to you until you stick it in every love hole that she has!

Just when you think you’re going to able to blow your cum sauce all over her sexy stockings, Charlotte switches things up. Tasting your swollen head was just to get you ready for the main event. Now she’s on her knees and begging you to slide it deep into her aching pussy.

It’s already soaking wet, so don’t worry about getting her warmed up. Just shove it in there and give her what this hottie needs!


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