Balls And Cue

Starring Jade Venus

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Balls And Cue – Have you ever heard of this TS VR porn star with big tits? Her name is Jade Venus – but she’s known as “The Queen of Sticks”, too! How come? Well, we have more than just one answer to this question – but for now, let’s just say that she likes to play snooker.

Would you like to join her and see if she’s really that good? She’s waiting… Introducing our latest anal Shemale VR sex scene with the snooker theme – the one that’s full of many different sticks that just wait to be grabbed by our super-hot T-girl.

In Balls and Cue it will all begin with the innocent match between you and Jade – but the moment she starts losing to your epic skills, she’ll realize that she can only win with you using… her other skills.

That’s how we’re getting closer to finding the true explanation of the nickname of this TS VR porn babe – as even though, yes, she’s “The Queen of Sticks,” she didn’t get that nickname during snooker games. And since we’re talking about her amazing performance in a TS VR porn movie with a nasty blowjob…

You already know what’s coming for you, don’t you? Yeah, you know VR Bangers Trans, so it shouldn’t be a mystery to you anymore…

Then why won’t you just wear your VR goggles and join us at to have all that nasty blowjob fun started – Jade Venus is waiting for you as we speak and she won’t leave the pub as a loser, no matter what!

Even if that means getting on her knees and sucking your cock to make you admit that she’s been better – and if you’ll decide that you want to bang her tight ass, too, believe us that she’ll be more than happy to offer it to you, as well!


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