Aila’s Sour Candy

Starring Aila Donovan

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Aila’s Sour Candy – Every single person in the world has their own taste preferences and Aila Donovan is no exception to that rule. There’s still one major thing that make her stand out from most of the girls, though. She knows that sometimes something sour can be the sweetest treat on the planet.

It takes time to develop that kind of palette, but she’s worked hard on it for her entire life. It’s no surprise that this gorgeous VR girl loves the strong taste of virile cum in her mouth. That’s why she spends so much time showing off her mouth skills to the entire world. She has the nicest set of small tits that anyone has ever been lucky enough to see and she always uses them to get men like you ready to fill her mouth with that sour delight. She’s in her sexiest clothes and she’s not shy about posing in them while she works her long, hard lollipop to show you what’s in store.

Sucking it right down to a nub is no work at all for her and she’s ready to replace all of that sugar with your throbbing and aching cock. Once she’s gotten you to the point of no return, she’s ready to take you all of the way through to the end. Her mouth slides all the way down your shaft and you can feel just how much she’s drooling at the thought of swallowing your load whole.

She can’t hold herself back and she goes all in on showing you why no man can ever last more than a few minutes with her. She has nothing more to offer you than a heartfelt smile when she starts to feel you erupt inside her gorgeous face.


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