Where Are The Toys?

Starring Yenifer Chacón

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Where Are The Toys? – Yenifer Chacón and you are in bed naked because you just had sex.

You are chatting when she tells you that she wants another round, but this time she wants to do anal.

So, she starts looking for her favorite anal toy but she can’t find it. When she asks you, you tell her that it was broken and you threw it away. She is quite disappointed but suddenly she smiles and she says that she got an idea.

She jumps out of bed and some minutes later she comes back… with a zucchini in her hand! You can’t believe it! But this is true, she is saying that she would love to try it in her ass.

You do it and by her sounds you can notice she is liking it so much. Although you were tired from the first round, her moans are making you hard.

So, you leave aside the zucchini and start to fuck her vagina and then her ass, playing with different positions (cowgirl, doggy, missionary…) from a side, front to front, from behind… until you cum all over her!

The pleasure of you fucking together is always huge, and more if you play with toys and try new things!


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