Wet Leak

Starring Kendra Cole

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Wet Leak – As VR Pornstar Kendra Cole watched her husband drive away for yet another work trip, she could not help but feel a sense of loneliness wash over her.

She has been so lonely and sex-deprived as of late. Kendra Cole tried to keep busy during the day but found herself bored and restless. In an attempt to be productive, she decided to tackle the leaking pipe under the bathroom sink.

Without success and after making the leak worse, she is forced to call a plumbing service for immediate repair. After getting off the phone with you, Kendra Cole notices how aroused she is after hearing your voice.

Her heart is pounding, and her VR pussy is starting to awaken. She races to change into her sexiest lingerie with just a bathrobe to cover up. Once the doorbell rings, Kendra Cole lets you in and shows you to the bathroom where the leak is. She finds herself struck by how nice it is to have a strong capable man in her home.

As Kendra Cole bends down to show you what is happening under the sink, she slips off her robe, revealing her nubile VR body.

She grabs your leg and tells you she wants you inside of her before any repairs happen. You grab Kendra from behind ready to give her the pleasure she’s been waiting for in this 8K VR porn.


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