Wake Up Call

Starring Lisi Kitty

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Wake Up Call – Being away from home on business can be very lonely. This trip is a full week away from your wife, with nothing but your VR Headset and taboo porn to keep you company at night. Your boss brought his wife of course and she is quite sexy. You try your best to keep your eyes off of her at dinner and only think about her when you are alone watching VR taboo movies in your room.

Early one morning you get a message that you are to come by your boss’ room and pick up some files he forgot for his presentation. When you arrive at the room, his wife opens the door in revealing lingerie. Before you can protest or turn away, she pulls you into the room and pushes you down in a chair next to the bed. She has noticed you looking at her and it turns her on. The instructions to come to the room did not come from your boss, but from his wife. She knows you can’t do anything because of the risk, but wants you to watch her masturbate.

This could cost you your job, but she looks so hot lying around on the bed and her voice quivers as she begs you to take out your cock. How can you say no? When she sees how big and hard you are, her mouth waters and her fingers find their way to her stiff nipples. Lisi knows what you want to see and sticks her round ass up in the air. You want it, don’t you? Of course, you do and she wants you to shoot your cum while staring at it. That is one assignment you can complete with ease.


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