Violet’s Heart Lollipop

Starring Violet Starr

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Violet’s Heart Lollipop – There are some women out there that just know what they want and how to get it. That’s exactly the type of person that you’re getting with Violet. She’s a dedicated dick lover and this girl never rests until she gets the meat rod that her body needs. In fact, if this girl ever has to go more than a few days without a cock in her mouth, the babe starts to get agitated and no one wants that.

This is why it’s just best for you to give into her demands and treat her big tit body to a good, old fashioned dick ramming. Don’t think that Violet’s just going to sit back and take it from you, though. There’s nothing this girl understands more than the fact that this chick has to put in the effort to get what she wants.

That’s why the honey is in her sexiest fishnet stockings and letting you watch her go down on a giant, sugary lollipop in her ultra-high-definition video. As soon as this girl is sure that she has your cock’s undivided attention, it’s time to get it all lubed up for herself. It’s a very good thing that her lube of choice is always going to be her own spit.

Violet’s not going to waste a second in getting that delicious pussy skewer of yours into her mouth and there’s no telling just how far down her throat you’re going to be able to get it. It’s just the pre-show, though. This chic still came to satisfy her addiction and that’s why she’s still on her knees, but facing in the other direction before you blow your load.

There’s only one place this girl wants that, and it’s not the hole she talks with. Give her aching pussy what it needs and you’ll be treated to a perfect view of her tight little backdoor the entire time!


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