Ukrainian Model Sara Brings Her Friend Alisa In To Finger Fuck For Us In VR

Starring Alisa & Sara

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Ukrainian Model Sara Brings Her Friend Alisa In To Finger Fuck For Us In VR – Two hot Ukrainians walk into a bar, I mean porn studio, and guess what happens next? One is named Sara, and the other Alisa.

Sara is not new to our studios as she came in before in some sexy black lingerie to masturbate for us. And then one time she came in before with a rainbow dildo to fuck her own pussy in VR. Yeah, we have a thing for hot Ukrainian women with big tits and dark eyes and hair. And since we treated her so well she decided to bring a friend in she could play with.

She wanted to show us what she could do with a partner and not just by herself. She knew that we wanted to see her huge tits get grabbed and licked and her nipples sucked and she had a friend named Alisa who she goes to regularly to get a pussy fingering. So, she decided to bring Alisa along and let us see what they normally do in private. We are so in love with Sara’s big fat juicy natural tits. We love to watch them sway and bounce and move.

We get off just watching her chat with us when she is topless and how her tits move when she uses her hands are arms to gesture. But today we get a real treat as Sara goes to work on her friend’s pussy giving it a real nice finger fucking while Sara’s boobs sway back and forth from all the hard work she is doing on that pussy. Oh yeah, Alisa has big juicy white tits that are fantastic too! What a great combo, one is dark and one is white.

And they both have big juicy tits and hungry pussies. This is one great video that is going to get you off again and again!


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